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A unique place for your most important day

Are you looking for a suitable place for a wedding, wedding reception or just a lunch to celebrate your wedding with your closest ones? Be sure to stop here as well. We treat every wedding celebration as a special event and are more than happy to treat you. Our premises offer many alternatives, so every wedding can be an absolutely unique experience! Do not be afraid to project your special ways into your big day.


We can cater for your needs in private premises accommodating up to 100 guests, stays overnight throughout our facility and full privacy for the entire group. The summer garden house to hold your grill party in the afternoon and the romantic setting around the guest house, all make an ideal combination for arranging an open-air wedding party. We always have an option for you if something goes wrong with the weather.

We will create a full-day menu for you with good old Czech meals as well as special international cuisine, we will mix unique drinks for you, provide professional service and ensure smooth progress of the whole day.

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